Saturday, July 18, 2009

East/West Pt. 1

Some differences between Korea and Australia that I've noted so far (in no particluar order)...
- Convenience store fridges aren't as cold in Korea
- In Korea, beer is cheaper, food is cheaper, basically everything is a little cheaper ....except Western food
- In Korea, your boss is your boss outside of work too
- Unlike in the West, there's basically no difference between breakfast, lunch aand dinner.
- Coffee is sweeter and weaker in Korea (at least compared to Melbourne).
- Korean kids seem more knowledgable about world geography than Australian kids, and probably more again than American kids.
- Far, far less animals in Korea.
- In Korea, friendships bring (mutual) obligation.
Some similarities between Korea and Australia that I've noted so far (in no particular order)...
- Kids are the basically the same. Like in Australia, many kids are adorable, many are little shits. Abandon any notion that Korean kids are all super respectful and disciplined least before they get to high school.
- Koreans, like Australians, don't mind a drink or twelve.
- Like in Australia, most people are warm and friendly ....though the "default" or "resting" Korean facial expression is a little more frown-like.
I could write forever but I have to get ready for a Korean/Irish wedding. It should be a gold mine for trivial and important observations about cultural differences ....I'll bring a notepad


  1. I completely agree with your observations so far!
    Particularly the 'kids are kids' part. My Korean coteachers constantly ask me to compare the Aussie and Korean kids- obviously wanting me to tell them that korean children are far better :)
    But essentially they're not that different. On the whole they're fine with a few sjits that make you want to throw something :)

  2. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. looks like you are having a blast. big love from b town shev