Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ground rules

Chris: We're not in Korea yet so I don't have much to write, though our ongoing experience of trying to get there could fill a few hundred posts. But anyway before I do a real post I want to define this blog a little (as much for myself as for the reader). I've never "blogged" before but over the last few weeks I've read a bunch of them from English teachers in Korea. I've come across some really good ones and some pretty bad ones (in my humble opinion). I'm not exactly sure how my entries will look like - in terms of content, tone, etc - but I'm pretty sure how I don't want them to look. I'm going to steer clear of soap boxy topics completely unrelated to my experiences in Korea, such as foreign politics. I'm going to try to avoid sounding pretentious and self-important, as is the tendancy of some bloggers. So in other words you're very unlikey to see the following in my posts (or Rowena's, if i know her well enough): "Gaza Strip", "postmodernism", "paradigm" get the idea. I also promise not to list my top ten movies, bands, tv shows - because who really gives a shit? Finally, I will do my best to not have our blog turn into a series of gripes about all things Korean. Neither will I use this blog to try to assert my P.C. credentials and spend my days thinking up ways in which I think Korea is superior to the West. To all those bloggers who do this (and there are a LOT) I say enough already, we get it, you're culturally sensitive, move on!

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