Saturday, April 18, 2009

I heart Korea

Q. Who would you trust alone in a classroom with your kids....

....the bright and bubbly young lady pictured above? Or.....

....this evil looking mofo?
A. If you're Korean, then BOTH. All you really need to teach English in Korea is a Bachelor's degree and a clean criminal record.
On a related note, a big thank you to Victoria Police for your ineptitude!
P.S. If you're the director of the English academy I'll be teaching at and you're reading this then I'm only kidding, honest.


  1. Hi there..interesting blog you have here .. I am a Malaysian Chinese and currently studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia majoring in Biology ..I am really eager to undergo an internship in Korea but now i am really clueless ..haha ..Emm..maybe you can provide me some useful idea ? Thanks :) and cheers..

  2. Hi Ee Lin. Thank you for your comment. We are just as clueless when it comes to Korea. For answers to all things Korean visit
    The authors of this blog are very knowledgable but you might wait a while for your questions to be answered. You could also try It's a list of almost 600 Korean blogs, every one of them currently better informed than us. Hope this was helpful. Good luck

  3. Thanks for the helpful hints ..appreciate a lot and cheers !!!:)