Monday, April 20, 2009

K-pop's finest

Chris: This is my 5th post and we're not even in Korea yet. I'm sure the novelty of this blog will wear off for me soon ....probably around the time we actually get to Korea. We can't get there soon enough! I hear the Korean siren song posted below calling me. I don't have the skills to upload this song from youtube but hopefully this link will work. At first you'll cringe but you'll be won over by the end. So don't fight it, sing it loud, sing it proud, "gee gee gee gee baby baby baby"


  1. i was lurking online and saw this blog. just wanna wish u guys luck on your venture! are you guys joining a hagwon or public? hwaiting!

  2. Chris: Thanks mate. We'll be working at a hagwon. We were originally offered a job at a public school but we couldn't get all of forms together in time.