Friday, May 1, 2009

Bye-bye Austraia

Chris: We got our Visas today! We booked our flight today! We leave tomorrow morning! Woohoo!!!
Oh crap, this suddenly became real.... wish us luck....


  1. Good luck
    korea's the best!!!

  2. quick question! how long did it take to get your visas in?

  3. SeoulSearching, it took a while to gather all our forms together first of all (e.g. sealed university transcripts, notorised/Apostiled criminal record check, degrees, etc). It also cost a fair amount of money. We then sent them to our recruiter in Korea who applied for the Visa on our behalf. We were then told a couple of weeks later that we were missing a form (we weren't told about it). Once all forms were in it only took about a week or so to get a "Visa confirmation number". We then had to send this number to the Korean Embassy in our own country, along with our passports and some more forms. We kept calling the embassy so we could quickly get an interview for a Visa over the phone. Once we got the interview and were approved for the work visa our passports were pretty much immediately sent back and we were ready to go. Check the process in your country. I think depending on where you live and how close you live to a KOrean embassy, you may have to do the interview in person.

    Hope this was helpful....