Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad luck

Rowena: Ok so this is a whinging post. Last night we went out for dinner with a group of friends at another traditional restaurant (the take off your shoes, sit cross-legged on the floor deal). Great food, good times, and then we get up to leave. We seem to be the last group of people at the restaurant, and we're ready to put our shoes back on. Everyone's doing just that, and I realise that my shoes (thongs really, as I call them - no not that kind of thong...) are not there! There's a similar pair left there, which happen to be the same colour and size as mine, but probably cost a tenth of what I paid for mine. My beloved Haviannas (the comfiest pair of thongs I own - AUS$25) now belong to some local, and I'm stuck with said theief's $2 dirty thongs. Boo!!! Last week someone stole my umbrella that I just bought that day! AND the week before we left for Korea, someone stole my handbag!! Karma seems to be paying me back for a crime I'm yet to commit! I'm guessing now that someone is going to steal my clothes off the communal clothes line that we're using. I shouldn't say that...I don't want to jinx it!!!

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