Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Hello handsome man!"

Chris: This will be news to anyone who knows me - apparently I'm very handsome! I've had basically the same face and body for 28 years but have only just found out about my handsomeness. Okay, okay, I know what you other foreigners in Korea are going to write in response. Yes, maybe every single young white guy is considered good looking in Korea. And yes, maybe Koreans are much more likely to comment on people's appearance. But why have you got to bring me down?!? Can't you just let me be blissfully (and purposely) naive?!?
Here in Korea I'm told on a pretty regular basis that I'm "handsome". Sometimes it's shouted at me on the street by passing school girls, sometimes women AND men in bars feel the need to tell me, even my co-workers and students let me know about it. The other day I walking down the street late one night when I passed a small group of straight-looking young men I had never met before. They stopped me so one could take a photo of me with his friend. When I left one commented on my "handsome face" and another called me "handsome-man".
Of course I'm letting my girlfriend, Rowena, know all about my newly discovered handsomeness. Apparently she didnt know either!
I write about this to highlight just how bizzare this place is. Night is day, up is down, black is white.
I think I hear a few suitcases being packed around the world by my fellow caucasions. Please remain in you respective countries. I want to remain a novelty.


  1. hahahaa - this is classic comedy talbo, love the blogs, keep em coming! Stupid us only just worked out u had a website setup for these so just catching up on your past month now!
    Sounds like you guts are having a ball, good stuff!
    From Nat (& Finney)

  2. Talbo, you are officially a TOKEN!