Saturday, May 23, 2009

Korean girls

Rowena: Korean girls love to walk the streets wearing high heels, not any old high heels, I'm talking sky-high heels! And they wear these everywhere. Chris and I have been temporarily living in an area where the foothpaths are bumpy with many cracks, dusty roads, and when it rains, can get very muddy. Yet the girls continue to wear their sky high heels and effortlessly walk the streets, rain or shine. I'm constantly tripping over cracky footpaths, and that's wearing flats! Even the teachers wear their heels to work. Chris and I are yet to witness, but we've heard that girls even go hiking in their heels! It's insane!
I think I'm the only non beer drinker here in Korea. Guys obviously love the beer, but so do the girls. Chris has been trying to get me to 'learn to love beer' over the past 5 years, and I'm slowly getting there... I can now drink a bit without wanting to spit it out. Luckily though, they have nice cheap cocktails for my sweeter pallate. It's about AUS$6-7. I think I once paid AUS$18 back home for a cocktail. So yesterday I ordered a 'sex on the beach', and the bar tender repeats my order and says, 'ok, 1 sex on the machine'! I couldn't stop laughing. I ordered the same drink later that night and he said that same thing. It's my new favourite drink, but I don't think I'm brave enough to order a 'sex on the machine' the next time we go there! Might just have to learn to love the beer...

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  1. Try ut with some lime in there... Natty did that and she now be a beer drinker!!!