Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Korea: land of the freebie

Chris: Rowena may have already written about the free stuff we get ...I don't know, I couldn't be bothered reading over past posts.
Maybe everyone gets free stuff, maybe it's because I'm a round-eye, maybe it's my and Rowena's irresistable personalities. I don't know and I don't really care. Just about everywhere we go we get little perks. When we're at a bar we get ice-cream, fried eggs, and of course plenty of bar snacks. When we eat out we occasionally get little extras. For example, the other day the owner of some restaurant gave us some of his lunch. The old guy who runs the baseball batting cage thing gives me free turns sometimes and feeds me little snacks and Soju (Korean alcoholic drink) ....though I'm definitely his best customer so maybe this is just smart business practice. Maybe it's just so he can hit on Rowena. Rowena slightly injured herself while batting and he's twice asked her if she'd like a "massage" to fix it. Hey I'm not above pimping her out if it means I continue to get free batting practice and Soju.
The owner of a bar we've twice visited challenges me at pool and then gives us free pints of beer when he loses. The last time he promised to shout the whole bar if he lost. He then promptly paid up and I became a hero to the 10 or so people there!
I've been stopped on the street by university students and fed shot after shot of Soju and then had my hands forcibly filled with snacks.
I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome. I hope these people don't think I frequent their establishments just to exploit their generosity. If anything I try to avoid going too often because of the freebies. But right now I really feel like a (free) beer so I'm off to the bar with the terrible pool player for an owner....


  1. They probably just want to make you look really fat.


  2. wow he must be reaaaalllly bad at pool to lose to you Chris.