Monday, May 11, 2009

Rowena: So after a few days of teaching, I've figured out which kids are my favourite...yes that's what teachers do lol (or I could just pretend that I love the all just the same!). I have one particular class that I look forward to. It's a group of 4 kids, and I got to name one! Each kid has their Korean name, and an English name. We went through a few different options, I even suggested 'Chris' but he didn't like that he was happy with being named Jack. They never fail to correct my attempted Korean the way I correct their English.
Chris and I went into town on the weekend and were very excited to discover that they have 'Video Pangs' which are private DVD rooms. You just choose from a reasonable selection of DVDs and get to watch it in a comfy private room with a large screen and comfy couch. Sounds great right? I think so, I like watching movies. But apparently people go there to do more than watch movies if u know what I mean. That's probably why I was getting a few weird stares when I told people at work what we did on the weekend. I was telling them we went to the movies, they were hearing we went to have 'party time fun' at the Video Pang, and we had such a great time that we went there twice! I should of figured when I saw a box of tissues on the table.
We had drinks with a group of 'foreigners' over the weekend, the majority being American. They were all English teachers as well working at different schools. It was the first time we saw non-koreans, very exciting!


  1. lol
    koreans go to dvd bangs to get off with each other
    better not to mention to koreans that you go there lol

  2. Rowena: not only did i tell a few koreans, i told the korean teachers i'll be working with for the next 12 months lol

  3. Hillarious! And what sort of movies were there?


    PS: I like reading your blog, I can relate your experience to mine to a certain extent, but of course cultural differences between France and Australia are NO WAY as full on as the ones between Korea and Oz.