Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not a pretty sight

Rowena: We went out for dinner with a group of friends last night and it was at a traditional restaurant where you have to take off your shoes and sit cross legged on the floor while you eat. The look on Chris' face when he realised we were dining this He doesn't cope well with this tradition and was doing a few stretches before we sat down. We were eating a hot pot style dish called 'shaboo shaboo' (I have no idea how to spell it, but it sounds about right!), and it was delicious! So we were having a wonderful time and I noticed that the group of elderly diners behind us were staring at us. And this isn't strange to us anymore...we were a group of foreigners and we're all used to getting stared at. But this one particular woman didn't take her eyes off me and was saying something in Korean. I just thought she assumed I was Korean and was asking me how my meal was. So I'm nodding trying to explain to her that our meal is fantastic. The group of elders finished their meal and left the restaurant and we waved goodbye. A minute later, a waitress comes up to me with an apron, ties it around my waist backwards, and I realised that she was covering my backside! I was wearing jeans, and my ass crack was apparently showing!! I was sooooooooo embarassed... the eldery woman was tring to tell me that I was disturbing her dinner with the view of my backside! Apologies elderly woman, I will remember to wear high waisted jeans the next time we dine at a traditional restaurant!


  1. oh my! that's so embarrassing! poor thing! hope everything else on your trip goes better!! ^_^.